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The adventure begins,  and we are in for quite a trip.  I remember the first car I ever had,  but I hesitate to mention it for fear of dating myself.  What the heck;  it was a classic, and it was mine!  Thinking about it makes me young  again- that ’57 four-door, silver with a white top, red interior, V-8  Chevy.  It was loaded, and it even had a radio.  In those days we  teenagers did not see our cars as they came to be known later.  Cars (if  you were lucky enough to get one) occupied a great deal of time and  energy.  We worked on them constantly, loved to peel out (putting the  metal to the pedal as we called it), and race the quarter on the  weekends.  Those days were happy days.

As  the title indicates, this site is about traveling.  Time and space will  not be a barrier.  TTT will travel back in time, travel into the  future, and travel around the world of today.  Stories will abound in  each time frame.  While some of the stories will have a serious side,  many of them will lighten the heart.  The Beatles sang, “All you need is  love.”  I say, “All you need is a really, funny story.” 

This  site, in some small way, hopes to promote the value of storytelling.   In fact, I believe storytelling is fast becoming a lost art.  It is  going the way of manners (how to be civil to one another) and miracles  (how we relate to spiritual truth).  Our society is becoming more  zombie-like all the time.  There is an obsession to escape into one’s  own virtual reality.  The world of technology dominates many people’s  lives already.  Without it people seem incapable of human conversation.   Could human relationships survive without Facebook?  We do not seem to  like our human nature with all its frailties.  Elitist philosophies are  determined to remake us in their image.  It is humans trying to change  human nature.  How utterly laughable!  Let us get back to reality.   Storytelling fulfills a human need to convey past happenings with  narratives which are educational and culturally preserving…and much,  much more.    

Additionally, a journalistic approach will be used in some of our travels.  Both this site and its twin,txeducationreview.com,  will publish many book reviews.  Literary works by such diverse authors  as James Lee Burke, Paulo Coelho, J. Frank Dobie, T. S. Eliot, Graham  Greene, Elmer Kelton, C. S. Lewis, Cormac McCarthy, Flannery O’Connor,  Walker Percy, Katherine Anne Porter, Dorothy L. Sayers, J. R. R.  Tolkien, and Evelyn Waugh will be discussed at length.  We will also  become familiar with each author’s life.  It is helpful to know where  such influential writers are coming from in their personal lives.   Perhaps you are familiar with one or more of these authors, but there  are probably some things about their personal lives or works that can be  made available to you.  By no means has the editor purposely left out  your favorite.  The above list was the first fortnight of literary  giants to come into my mind.  Effort was made not to show priority  by alphabetizing them.

Again,  thanks for stopping by this way.  The initial preparations for our  travels are in process.  The editor is busy learning the technical side  to making all this work as smoothly as possible.  Stories are beginning  to roll out of my brain and into print.  Please communicate your  comments via editor@thetexastraveller.com.


Editor's Biographical sketch, p. 2 

 Our next destinations include:

  • Boyhood Stories  # 1  “The Bow and the Baby” 
  • 1st Book Review:  Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene